7+1 ways to make you instantly beautiful

I admit, I loved to start this article in a quite pushy way. To become instantly beautiful? How does that work. Okay, let´s start. And: as English is not my mother tongue please be kind :-)




  #1 Lipstick, Mascara, Eyebrows-  just a bit make-up


A red lipstick shows up immediately:" Hello, I am here." Fun, attention, power, self confidence, a lipstick - and I don´t talk about nude shades-  gives a lot of Wow. If you never tried a bold lipstick, try  a nice lipgloss for the beginning. Then the eyebrows and eyes. Like our lips they are our communication center. If your eyebrows are sparse, fill them with eyebrow powder or a pencil. Use mascara to accentuate your eyes. Just keep them natural....and you instantly look better.




#2 Clean clothes, clean shoes


Clean clothes with a fresh smell give you a beauty boost immediately.  And what about the shoes?  Plus: iron your outfit. Ironed clothes feel like the daily dose of luxury. Our appearance is the message we send to the people around us. When we obviously care for ourselves they will care for us, too.  When we care for us, it makes us beautiful.



#3 Washing your hair, caring for you


I should have washed my hair but I didn´t . I feel a bit dirty and messy, I do a hairbun, wearing a cap, nobody can see it but I don´t feel beautiful anyway. When you wash them they feel fine, they smell good and give you such a refreshed feeling. And it is the same with giving yourself a shower, put organic lotion on your body. Refreshes and beautifies immediately.





#4  Wear a scent


The idea of a scent, just a fine dose of a perfume enriches your aura and gives persones a hint of your personality.  I don´t use classical perfume but organic essentialc oils I mix up with destilled water and fill it in a little vaporizer. Another possibility is pure essential oil, drop and massage it behind the ears and wherever you want. But be careful not to stain your clothes...


#5 Be flexible but grounded- or The relaxed, calm selfconfidence


Just image the situation: Somebody throws a ball to you. How will you throw it back? The same way? 

Or: you should show selfconfidence. What will you do? Chest out, stomach in? Too often we "re-act" to things which come from outside instead of taking a deep breath, thinking a second and then acting.  An inner selfconfidence doesn´t need a stiff , high posture, it is more the sense of feeling at home in our body and mind.  Feeling like a flexible tree with a lot of roots in the soil. This "relaxed confidence" makes us beautiful.



#6 Wear attractive underwear


What an old advice...you may think....but there ist something true with it. All we wear and do under our surface which empowers us, is perfect. It is the attractive, sexy, shaping, natural, silky, luxurious, whatever underwear, it is the healthy smoothie in the morning..... Nobody cannot see them but we know and feel better, stronger with a smile on our face.





#7 Talk positiv, think positive


Does anybody need negative thoughts and words for his inner and outer beauty? No! Going green with envy, talking bad about other persons, gossip, accusations and so on. I am sure you instantly find some persons who behave like this. Or maybe I for myself am this person I actually don´t want to be. Do these people shine with beauty, happiness, health or creative ideas?  No! This behaviour is nothing which is changed in seconds, isn´t it? Or....maybe it is. It is a decision of a second to quit gossip like "have you heard...?", it is  a decision of a second to see the good sides of a person instead of focusing just on the bad, it is  an instant action to praise others and oneself. Positive thinking makes beautiful.





BONUS: Act as if you are beautiful and shining!!!


What happens when we just act as if we are beautiful,  feel well in our body, and just be our best friend?  We become beautiful! And of course, courageous because we believe in ourselves. Nothing has to work instantly and trial and error are just steps on our way. It is a difference to remain in the back fearing a mistake instead of walking just with what we have into the light.  We are not perfect, we have physical features which slowed us down in the past. But not any more. Why should they? They don´t represent our essence of personality and- believe in me- nobody cares as much as you do. So, you beauty, just start!


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